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(cat-a-lyst) - something that causes activity between two or more persons or forces; a person or thing that precipitates an event or change; a person whose talk, enthusiasm, or energy causes others to be more friendly, enthusiastic, or energetic. 

Additional Training/Speaking Expertise

In addition to The Secret of People, Dr. Nelson is available to speak, consult and train on these 3 topics:

How to Change Your Organization Without Killing It

According to Harvard professor and bestselling author, John Kotter, more than 70% of organizational change efforts fail.  William Bridges states that it’s the transitions that get us, not the changes.  Dr. Nelson can offer your leadership team a practical and powerful approach to strategizing innovations and improvements in your organization. There’s a big difference between an improvement plan and a transition plan.  Unless you understand that difference, you’ll experience unnecessary pain.  By applying the Nelson Change Model (NCM), based on the 4 primary factors regarding effective org transition, you can improve the efficacy of your efforts.  Dr. Nelson can facilitate a 1- or 2-day consultation, focusing on key elements for your critical improvement issues. 

Learn more about the NCM approach to improving your change plan.

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 Communicate to Win

 What’s the lifeblood of every organization and  leader?  It’s the ability to communicate  effectively.  Research shows that 60-80% of  organization dysfunction has some connection  to communication.  One of the top three  desired leader qualities is the ability to  communicate well.  “Okay, I got it.” 

Dr. Nelson teaches effective speaking and writing skills to up and coming military officers from around the world.  His research on audience psychology and what it is that makes people receive and reject messages, can give you a big step in your staff’s ability to communicate effectively.  Whether it’s a stand-alone workshop or an executive coaching session, you can hone your organization’s ability to communicate well. 

Learn more about effective communication by contacting us.

Leadership Excellence

What are you trying to do, hone your skills, transition a middle manager to an executive team, or develop some of the young people in your organization to fill the leadership pipeline?  Dr. Nelson has a doctorate in leadership from the University of San Diego, has taught leadership classes and courses for over 20 years, written a dozen books and over 100 articles in the field, and collected over 700 books in his personal library.  So, if you want to elevate the leadership acumen of your organization, you may want to tap this resource.  Whether it’s a workshop, 1-day training, or 1-on-1 executive coaching, Dr. Nelson can provide a customize plan to help you improve your influence.

Learn more about effective leading by contacting us.

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