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(cat-a-lyst) - something that causes activity between two or more persons or forces; a person or thing that precipitates an event or change; a person whose talk, enthusiasm, or energy causes others to be more friendly, enthusiastic, or energetic. 

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How to Change Your Church "Without Killing It", is filled with some of the best proven organizational change principles, explained in the context of the local church.  Far too many pastors focus on the "what" instead of the "how."  A transition plan is different than the new idea.  This book includes Dr. Nelson's change model, describing the four most important factors affecting a church's change.  (Word/Thomas Nelson, publisher)

             /files/Book Pictures/the_five_star_church.jpg The Five Star Church is about translating total quality management into the context of the local church.  Far too many churches seem to approve of mediocrity, an unacceptable condition for most people today.  This bestselling book provides practical ideas of how you can improve various aspects of your church, from signage, to first impressions, to worship services, to facilities, and even spiritual growth.  (Regal)
  /files/Book Pictures/coached_by_jesus_2.jpg Coached By Jesus provides 31 of the most potent questions that Jesus asked, so that we can apply them to our lives, much the way a life coach would.  Ironically, Jesus used this Socratic method, over 2000 years ago.  (Howard Books, Simon & Schuster)      /files/Book Pictures/embracing_brokenness_book_8r05.jpg Embracing Brokenness explain how God desires to develop us during difficult times.  His desire is to tame our soul and increase our capacity for him.  This is a powerful concept, based on a number of interviews of leaders who've been broken, along with Desert Fathers and scriptural principles.  Foreword by Eugene Peterson.  (NavPress)
  /files/Book Pictures/me_to_we.jpg Me To We explains how pastors can move from being ministry doers to minister equippers.  Through the power of narrative, one pastor explains to another, how easy it is to be caught up in the traditional, pastor-centric way of ministry, instead of applying Ephesians 4 along with other best practices of churches with over 80% of active attendees in service.  (Group Publishing)      /files/Book Pictures/my_own_worst_enemy.jpg My Own Worst Enemy describes the 19 most common ways we sabotage ourselves.  Self-defeat is far greater than the threat we face from others or circumstances.  Practical solutions for recognizing and avoiding these are also provided.  This book will be retitled and published for the mass market, late 2009, but is available now under this title. (Revell)
  /files/Book Pictures/spirituality___brokenness_book.jpg Spirituality & Leadership is a contemporary sequel to Oswald Sanders' classic book.  The focus is on the intersection of spirituality and leadership, along with practical ways that leaders can nurture their souls while leading, while avoiding the potential pitfalls of dealing in power. Foreword by Leonard Sweet.  (NavPress)      /files/Book Pictures/leading_your_ministry.jpg Leading Your Ministry helps pastors change paradigms, from merely doing ministry to leading it.  People today expect pastors to lead, even though less than 10% acknowledge leadership in their gift mix.  This book explains the difference between ministry management and leading.  (Abingdon)
  /files/Book Pictures/creating_messages_that_connect.jpg Creating Messages That Connect provides invaluable ideas for understanding the psychology of communication.  Don't just preach; communicate.  Great communicators begin with the audience, not the message. They craft messages with a goal in mind, understanding how it is people process information, how to increase retention, and what keeps people's attention.  (Group)            /files/Book Pictures/5_secrets.jpg Five Secrets To Becoming A Leader is a narrative presentation of the 5 keys of 21st century leading.  This is a great primer for the new leader, as well as a refresher for the seasoned vet.  (Regal)
   /files/Book Pictures/leadingideas.jpg LeadingIdeas is a very practical manual that includes 50, 1-page leader lessons on a variety of topics, designed for staff and board meetings, with a leader guide that includes activity ideas and questions. (Group)   




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